No interviews. No employee benefits. No employee onboarding.


AdEdge is your agency partner in media buying. Allowing you to bring on more clients, without the added pain & costs of bringing on new employees.

Deliver on your promise to your clients while cutting your operational agency costs so you can scale revenue without added overhead.

“AdEdge has been an amazing white-label asset to us. They've been able to deliver on all of our client campaigns time and time again, from ecom to lead gen. These guys never miss and always deliver.”

Jayson Ghobadi
Naxtra Marketing

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Enabling Success For Your Agency

Increase Clientele

AdEdge white label partnership can help you deliver advertising services at a fraction of the cost so you can markup & earn without additional work.

Save Valuable Time

AdEdge helps you save time in many areas, the most important being finding the right team member for the job. AdEdge gives you a complete and professional team of paid media specialists instantly when you need them.

Reduce Operation Costs

Not sure you can bring on a new client because you're at capacity? Using AdEdge as your white label partner is the perfect solution. Bring on as many clients as you want, and we'll take care of the delivery at an affordable rate.

Increase Client Retention

With AdEdge taking the responsibility for service delivery, you can focus all of your time and effort on client relationship management.

How It Works

2. Handoff Accounts

Once you. have brought on a new client or want to handoff an existing client to AdEdge, we'll make sure transition is seamless for both you & your client.

1. Schedule free consultation

Let's chat about your business and what you're looking for. We'll strategize and figure out if we're a fit for each other to help you reduce costs + boost sales.

3. Enjoy the benefits

You and your team will finally be able to focus on the tasks that move the needle while AdEdge delivers on the advertising side of things.


Solutions To Help You Scale

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White Label Facebook Ads

Resell our professional multi-stage Facebook & Instagram Ads service for any niche. Start getting sales from ads for your clients now.

White Label Google Ads

Resell our professional Search Engine Marketing Ads service for any niche. Start getting sales or leads from ads for your clients now.

What Our Results Look Like